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Daily self-inspection of forklift truck

- Aug 16, 2018 -

I. working organization

(1) the guide wheel, pressure wheel and roller of the door frame and fork frame are unwelded, out-of-round, over-limit or not working, and the gap between the two sides of the guide wheel frame is obviously large; The door frame, cargo fork, fork frame and bracket are obviously distorted, deformed and cracked. Slow rising speed, occurrence shiver, sway; Falling or leaning forward by itself; The door frame or fork frame is stuck in operation; The forks are tilted.

(2) the chain segment is corroded and deformed, and the buckle cannot rotate freely; Adjust screw and lock nut not tight enough; Chain pin, guide pulley deformation, channeling or wear beyond the limit; The opening pin and locking nut do not conform to the regulations; Chains are greasy; The chain is deflected or stuck.

(3) goods fork lateral movement is not flexible, positioning pin is not flexible and reliable; The difference between the two lengths is more than 10mm and the difference between the height is more than 5mm. The Angle of the fork is greater than 90 or less than 88.

Braking performance of travelling mechanism

(1) uneven transmission and abnormal sound; The gearbox is out of gear. Pedal free travel does not comply with regulations; The steering wheel moves in a snaking motion. The rear wheels are clearly outside.

(2) lift the door frame so that the drive wheel is off the ground, and the shaking wheel moves in an axial direction; When driving two wheels, there is stuck phenomenon. The surface of the tire has large oil, hard insert and puncture; Wear on the tread beyond the limit, out-of-round; The tires are cracked and spalling. Loose rubber ring; Rim distortion.

(3) oil quality and oil quantity of lubrication and brake fluid do not conform to the regulations; Front and rear wheel cover plate, wheel hub, half shaft bolts missing, loose, deformation.

(4) deformation, crack, corrosion and damage exist in each part of the brake device; Oil leakage or leakage of brake pipes and joints; Abnormal noise during braking; The brake line

(5) foot braking: emergency foot braking is implemented in full speed operation without load; When the normal speed is tested with the foot point, the braking phenomenon cannot appear quickly and the braking response is slow. Left and right drag marks are obviously inconsistent with unilateral braking or off-tracking.

(6) hand braking: after the hand brake lever is tightened, the forklift can start or fall on the track with the required maximum gradient (generally 15%), and the parking slide can be achieved. Hand brake is not flexible, support plate screw is loose.

Third, steering mechanism steering performance

(1) serious steering wheel deformation; Axial clearance of steering wheel is greater than 20mm; Poor sensitivity of steering wheel, loose connection or slipping with direction bar; The free Angle is greater than 30; To turn heavy, or left, right to turn, weight inconsistent; The direction of the movement of the machine, resulting in empty stroke; Run off when you walk.

(2) deformation, crack, corrosion and damage of parts of steering gear; Horizontal and vertical bar and rear wheel collision body; The steering linkage moves up and down; Large clearance of the following screw plug and ball head pin holder; Overwear of steering knuckle pin and bushing.

(3) the marks formed by the minimum turning radius on the left and right are not circular or obviously inconsistent; The minimum turning radius does not meet the specified requirements.

Hydraulic system

(1) the oil quality and quantity of hydraulic oil do not conform to the regulations; The plunger rod of lifting or tilting cylinder has abrasion, furrow, crack or bending deformation; The operating lever of distributing valve is obviously deformed and the action is not coordinated. The slide valve cannot automatically return to position.

(2) weak lifting; Heavy oil pump working noise; When the fork frame stops at the limit position, it is free to slide or forward. Is the length of piston rod different between two inclined cylinders? The above; No throttle valve or throttle valve forward; Valve failure or malfunction.

(3) the fuel tank air vent is not clear; Pipes and fittings are damaged and leaking.

V. engine

(1) the quality and capacity of oil and cooling water do not conform to the regulations; Oil gauge missing or not required; Leakage of pipes, joints, oil (water) boxes; All belts are more elastic than standard.

(2) the diesel engine cannot start; Abnormal oil pressure; Abnormal smoke discharge: black, white or blue smoke; Underpower; Diesel engine overheating; Excessive oil consumption; The filter is seriously polluted, blocked and damaged; Poor fixation of generator and starter, abnormal operation; Abnormal water and oil temperature.

(3) engine touring car; Rapid increase of speed; Self-stopping; Raised oil level; Abnormal noise at idle, medium or high speed; Severe vibration; You can't put out the fire.

(4) the charging controller is damaged or not good; Serious deformation or poor fixation of engine and water tank outer cover;

Electrical circuit of control system

(1) the control handle, button, switch and indicators are abnormal or have low sensitivity, and the function is not reliable; Loose wire joints, burning, oxidation, abnormal surface color; Wires exposed to conductor, debris.

(2) power switch, fuse, safety chip (wire), electric lock, controller, alarm device is missing or invalid, and foot brake interlock protection fails.


(1) there are sundries on the surface of the battery; The bottle stopper is not covered or missing, the air hole is blocked, the pile is rusted, oxidized, ablated and loose. Loose connection line; Battery case is badly corroded.

(2) the density, voltage and liquid level of battery electrolyte do not conform to the regulations; Cracking, leakage and overflow; Insufficient capacity; Battery internal short circuit.

8. Lighting and horn instrument

(1) damaged seats or poor fixation; No fire extinguisher or failure, check for missing or missing items.

(2) the horn button is not properly fixed or replaced by wire; No horn or damage. The horn was not loud and clear enough.

(3) no steering, brake lights or poor contact. The lamp holder is loose, no light or poor contact.

9. Body appearance

(1) there are obvious cracks, crack welding, deformation and scratch in car body and components; The sign and car number are not complete and clear. General positioning pin, connecting bolt, nut, opening pin, etc. Missing, loose, deformation, failure or poor action.

(2) rust and blister on part or whole machine.

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