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Detailed instructions for safe operation of forklifts

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Due to the certain dangers in the use of forklift equipment, some safety operation specifications have been compiled to remind forklift users to pay attention to safe operation during use.

1. Hold the operating certificate before proceeding.

2. Wear attention and safety.

3. It is very important to design the correct workflow.

4. Pay attention to the regular maintenance of the forklift.

5. Pay attention to safety! Do not support the goods by hand.

6. Pay attention to slow down the corner at the corner of the turn.

7. Pay attention before driving.

8. Note the difference between motor vehicles and forklifts.

9. Turn on the operating lights when operating in the dark.

10. Adjust the width of the fork to accommodate the positioning of the tray.

11. Pay attention to height restrictions.

12. Pay attention to the speed limit regulations.

13. Lower the gantry while driving on a flat surface.

14. Run without load on the slope.

15. Do not work between the gantry and the overhead guard.

16. Do not make turns or sharp turns at high speeds.

Although these can not guarantee 100% security, after all, there will always be accidents, but it can greatly reduce the probability of accidents. We must adhere to the safe operation of compliance operations. For the operator, the special vehicle certification is a guarantee for himself and a responsibility for the family.

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