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Forklift daily inspection and maintenance

- Aug 29, 2018 -

1. Check the fastening of each part. The key points are: fork support, lifting chain tensioning screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pins, brakes, steering gear screws.

2, check the leakage situation, the focus is: each pipe joint, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, water tank, water pump, engine oil sump, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, main deceleration , hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder.

3. Clean the dirt, dirt and scale on the forklift. The key parts are: fork frame and gantry slide, generator and starter, battery electrode fork, water tank and air filter.

4. Tire pressure check: Insufficient should be added to the specified value to confirm that there is no air leak. Check the grounding surface and side of the tire for damage and whether the rim is deformed.

5. Check the reliability and flexibility of the steering gear.

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