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forklift operating instructions

- May 25, 2018 -

Operating instructions:

1. Drivers who have been trained and have a driving license can only drive;

2. Check all control and alarm devices before driving, and operate after repair if any damage or defect is found;

3. The loading shall not exceed the specified load when handling, and the cargo forks shall be inserted under the cargo, and the goods shall be evenly placed on the cargo forks.

4. Start, turn, drive, brake and stop smoothly, and slow down when turning on wet or smooth road surfaces;

5. When loading, the goods should be lowered and the door frame should be tilted back;

6, ramp driving should be careful driving, in more than one over ten of the ramp is driving, uphill should drive forward, downhill driving should be back on, downhill, avoid is turned, the forklift driving, no loading and unloading operations;

7. When driving, attention should be paid to pedestrians, obstacles and pot-holed road surfaces, and attention should be paid to the gap above the forklift;

8. No one is allowed to stand on the cargo fork.

9. No one is allowed to stand under or walk under the cargo fork;

10. It is not allowed to operate vehicles and vehicles from positions outside the driver's seat;

11. Do not carry unfixed or loose stowed goods, and handle large sized goods carefully;

12. Forklifts with lifting height greater than 3 meters shall pay attention to the goods falling off the upper part and take protective measures if necessary;

When working, try to make the door frame lean back and lean back and forth within a minimum range.

13. When refueling, the driver shall not be in the car and turn off the engine. When checking the level of battery or fuel tank, the driver shall not start the fire.

14, when you leave the car, the goods fork down, and the gear lever in the neutral position, the engine off and disconnect the power, pull hand brake, when parking ramp, still must live by block pad wheels.

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