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How to maintain a forklift

- Aug 14, 2018 -
  1. Clean the dirt, dirt and scale on the forklift. The key parts are: fork and gantry slide, generator and starter, battery electrode fork, water tank and air filter.

2. Check the fastening of each part of the electric forklift, the key points are: fork support, lifting chain tensioning screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pins, brakes, steering gear screws. 

3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the electric forklift's foot brake and steering gear. 

4. Check the leakage of the electric forklift, the key points are: pipe joints, diesel tanks, oil tanks, brake pumps, lift cylinders, tilt cylinders, water tanks, pumps, engine oil sump, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, Main reducer, hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder. 

5. Discharge the electric oil filter of the electric forklift. 6. Check the distilled water of the electric forklift battery. If it is insufficient, it needs to be added in time.

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