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How to maintain forklift radiator in summer

- Aug 28, 2018 -

In the hot season, the forklift truck formed by the machine will be used for a long time, and the machine will be hot! This time, forklift radiator function should be played out without preservation! Forklift radiator good, forklift working function will be good! Electric forklift manufacturers to remind you: good maintenance of forklift radiators, do not let small problems cause major problems!

Problems presented by forklift radiator:

1. Poor smoothness

In winter, when the smooth oil is heated, it is easy to dilute, so that the smooth effect is significantly reduced, and the bearing at the crankshaft, connecting rod and other places will be burned down when serious. Therefore, the car should run in the summer when the summer use smooth oil. Together should also often clean oil outside the oil radiator oil, so that it adheres to outstanding cooling functions. Otherwise, the protective operation of oil filter should be strengthened to make smooth oil move quickly and heat well.

Brake failure

Because some brake fluid boiling point is too low, in the high temperature will evaporate into steam, causing the brake pipeline to produce air resistance, causing brake failure. In the hot season, check the aging of the brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder's leather bowl and leather ring, brake fluid viscosity and oil quantity, and replace the brake fluid with high boiling point in time, thoroughly clean the air in the brake system.

3. Softening of high-temperature pavement

The high temperature climate will soften the asphalt road surface, and the emergency braking in the high-speed car will simply cause the wheel body to slip, which will increase the braking interval of the car, and also cause the car to slip on the side when turning, so the driver needs to pay special attention. In addition, the hot weather deforms the pavement, reduces the adhesion of the pavement, and also makes the braking effect significantly worse.

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