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Large tonnage electric forklift operation knowledge

- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. Large tonnage electric forklift truck

Because the forklifts used in the field (factory) have been included in the special equipment management catalog. According to the relevant laws and regulations of special equipment, the use of forklifts must be verified by the inspection agency and registered by the market supervision department. The forklift driver must be certified to work, otherwise there will be corresponding penalties.

2. Drivers of large-tonnage electric forklifts must be certified

In recent years, forklift injuries have been high, and in the face of severe safety forms of forklifts, special rectification by local governments has eliminated safety hazards: equipment has not been operated in accordance with safety production management regulations. According to the relevant regulations, special operations personnel must be trained and qualified by special safety technology, and they can only go to work after obtaining the special operation operation certificate issued by the Quality Supervision Bureau.

3. Large tonnage electric fork car goods must not be overweight

If the large-tonnage electric forklift is overloaded for a long time, it will easily cause damage to the forklift's various parts, which will cause the forklift to subvert and the goods to fall, resulting in a series of accidents such as personal injury, forklift damage and cargo damage.

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