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Market in Africa

- Apr 26, 2018 -

The generator set is an electromechanical product which is closely related to people.

In modern civilization, people will need electricity, where the electricity you need generator, so many countries and regions in the world, the demand for generating set, sales strategy must also be different.

The continent -- the markets are big and you deserve it!

Africa, abnormal power shortage areas, the main points in east, north Africa, South Africa, five regions in west and central Africa, in recent years has been advocating new energy power generation, but new energy power generation of supporting infrastructure construction time long, the use of the generating set was undoubtedly good transitional power solutions.

According to foreign media reports, demand for diesel generators in these countries has grown rapidly due to the severe shortage of electricity in African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Leading foreign research institutions estimate that the market for diesel generators in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will increase to $168.5 million, $654 billion and $220 million respectively in 2018.

Low cost and short duration of construction are the main reasons for the adverse attack of diesel generator market in the global development of new energy.

Then take the various regions of Africa as an example:

(1) in East Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, for example, a shortage of electric power resource in this area, the demand for generator, the power generation low of extreme drought in Kenya, Kenya's state-owned power companies KPLC said the company had to rely on diesel generator set.

However, it is important to note that the discovery of gas fields in East Africa and the low operating cost of gas generating units are lower than that of diesel generators, leaving the diesel generator market still facing fierce competition.

(2) north Africa: give priority to with Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, the region is rich in oil resources and strong light, therefore is to develop the solar-thermal power generation field, but the oilfield development, the desert region lack power generator set market there are still a large development space, but the Egyptian market is close to saturation, proposal development, Morocco, Algeria, etc.

(3) in South Africa: electric power industry is relatively developed, electricity accounts for about two-thirds of Africa, with about 92% for thermal power, is the world's four big one of the lowest electricity bills, but the region electric power market monopolized by state-owned enterprises ESKOM, less open to foreign electric power project, so the market is closed, the development of South Africa are hard to radiation area.

(4) in west Africa, Nigeria, for example, is Africa's first big economies in the region, but three days two head blackouts, backward, poor state of development of the electric power industry in Nigeria, is a huge generator for Chinese businessmen in the cake.

(5) the central African region: generator is given priority to with countries such as Cameroon, central Africa, Uganda, the region also widespread blackouts, notable is football's African lions, Cameroon, natural coastal advantage, make the sales more convenient transportation.

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