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Technical parameters of forklift

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1, rated lifting weight: the rated lifting weight of fork lift truck is the maximum weight allowed for lifting goods when the distance from the center of gravity to the front fork of the fork is not greater than the load center distance, which is expressed in terms of T (ton). When the center of gravity of the cargo on the fork exceeds the specified load center distance, the lifting weight should be reduced due to the limit of the longitudinal stability of the forklift.

2, load center distance: load center distance refers to the horizontal distance between the center of gravity and the vertical front of the fork when the standard goods are placed on the fork, and the horizontal distance is T, which is expressed by mm (millimeter). The load center distance is 500mm for the 1T to 4T forklift.

3, the maximum lifting height: the maximum lifting height refers to the vertical distance between the upper surface of the horizontal section of the fork and the horizontal surface of the forklift truck when the forklift is fully loaded and the goods reach the highest position on the flat and solid ground.

4. The angle of the door frame: the angle of the door frame refers to the maximum angle of the unloaded forklift on the flat and solid ground and the portal frame forward or backward relative to its vertical position. The role of the front angle is to facilitate the forking and unloading of the goods; the effect of the obliquity is to prevent the goods from slipping from the fork when the forklift truck runs. The front tilt angle of the general forklift is 3 ~6 degrees, and the obliquity is from 10 to 12 degrees.

5, maximum lifting speed: the maximum lifting speed of the forklift usually refers to the maximum lifting speed of the cargo when the forklift truck is full, which is expressed as m/min (M / M). Increase the maximum lift speed, can improve the work efficiency, the lifting speed is too fast, prone to damage and casualties. At present, the maximum lifting speed of the domestic forklift truck has been raised to 20m/min.


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