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The development trend of forklifts

- Aug 17, 2018 -

1. The forklift export has gradually turned to emerging developing countries and the third world while stabilizing the European and American markets.

2. As some forklift enterprises are in trouble, some of these enterprises will be merged and reorganized by some powerful companies to achieve further improvement of product structure due to the complementarity of product structure relative to other enterprises. For example, Anhui Heli merged with Ningbo Lida. Another part of the company can only be self-defeating. The industry adjustment shuffle has begun. The Central Committee of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed that mixed-ownership enterprises should give foreign-funded enterprises the same legal and legal treatment, and do not rule out optimistic foreign investment in the Chinese market, and acquire and reorganize hybrid forklift enterprises in China.

3. High-speed development will inevitably lead to redundant construction, which will eventually lead to overcapacity. If China's economic growth rate enters a period of steady growth in the future, then the existing production capacity of the forklift industry cannot be fully released in the short term, and the competition will become increasingly fierce. Therefore, if there is no unique technology, new forklift companies will face survival problems.

4. Competition will inevitably accelerate technological innovation. The knowledge economy based on patented forklift technology will lead the development of the forklift industry.

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