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The fuel-saving coup of diesel generating set

- Nov 28, 2017 -

1. Use fuel-efficient smoke reduction device. The fuel-saving and smoke-reducing device is fixed vertically in the fuel injection pump's front-end oil circuit, connected to the DC power supply, used in the diesel generator set, reducing the smoke significantly, not only reduce environmental pollution, but also can save about 5%.

2. Install inertia supercharger. Installing the inertial supercharger on the diesel generating set can generally increase the power 15% and fuel consumption by 3% to 5%.

3. Wrap the toilet paper on the filter. The 2-layer to 3-layer absorbent toilet paper is bandaged on the oil filter of diesel generating set, which can improve the cleanliness of oil and reduce fuel consumption.

4. Add Foam air filter. air filter Two-layer filter, the addition of a good ventilation performance of 8mm to 20mm thick foam, can improve the filtration effect, keep the oil normal combustion, reduce fuel consumption.

5. Return tubing diversion.

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