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10 Simple Ways To Effectively Reduce The Cost Of Forklift Use

- Sep 10, 2018 -

The maintenance of the forklift can effectively extend the life of the forklift, as well as guarantee the safety work, which can keep your forklift in the best working condition at any time. In some logistics distribution centers and warehouses that require high logistics efficiency, due to the large daily shipments, forklifts are almost in a 24-hour working state in order to reduce logistics costs. How can we simply maintain forklifts to guarantee our work efficiency?

1, often easy to wear and tear of tires, it is necessary to do the work, like sports car, due to the full, tyre wear is very serious, so sports car ran a must better tires, so you can continue, forklift truck, too, such as internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, that will be used tires, and tire wear nothing or block will let the forklift in the process of work is not smooth, have a great vibration, the electric system and hydraulic system has a lot of damage. So we when selecting a forklift in addition to choose more wear of tires, down is according to the actual situation of the working condition of the road, should pay attention to when selecting forklift truck wheels, materials and types of whether to suspension wheel or road wheel, tire, their material and hardness have what features (for example: polyurethane wheel is often used for indoor forklift, such as electric truck, electric stacker, because it is wear-resisting, small noise, and suspension wheel is used to working condition of the ground is not very smooth.)

2. Keep the working environment of forklift truck clean, and pay attention to the cleaning of forklift truck itself. Forklift work environment such as warehouse and production workshop, generally speaking, there are some pieces of debris such as wooden pallets, plastic wrap, garbage, and cloth, waste, etc., how the clutter around forklift wheels or tires especially manual carrier and manual stacker, above will have a far-reaching influence on work efficiency, so want to check more, keep clear of in time the impact of these material to forklift work, always clean forklift and the ground of the workplace, or even consider to use plastic pallet instead of wood or metal tray tray.

3. Add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil timely. The forklift machinery needs more maintenance.

4. Operate the forklift according to the operation manual of the forklift. Do not operate the forklift by mistake.

5. Reduce impact damage. In too narrow passageways, pay attention. It's better to arrange trained forklift drivers to work in this part of the journey.

6. Take the time to train your forklift operators and teach them safety knowledge, which can reduce the damage rate to the forklift itself and the goods, and also greatly reduce the failure rate of forklift

7. Arrange preventive maintenance. It's better to make maintenance plan and maintain the forklift regularly.

8. Strict management system of forklift should be maintained. When the forklift is not applicable, please pull out the key to avoid unnecessary damage caused by wrong operation by other non-operators. In order to tell the operator that in the process of forklift, for some narrow passageways, it is necessary to measure the width of the passageway first to estimate whether the forklift and cargo can pass safely. 9. After working every day, spare half an hour or an hour to listen to the "sound" of the forklift. Since the forklift is often working at full capacity, please listen to the sound of the forklift for the next day to ensure its normal operation and whether it can be analyzed and used tomorrow.

10. Training on battery maintenance and battery charging is necessary. The battery of forklift truck is very important. A lot of batteries are lead-acid batteries, but a few of them are maintenance-free, while most of the batteries need special maintenance. When charging, it should be noted that although most rechargeable batteries are charged intelligently, they cannot be plugged in for a long time, otherwise the charger will be damaged. Due to the special nature of the battery, it is best to train your forklift operators to avoid expensive maintenance costs due to improper maintenance of the battery.

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