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Correct Charging Steps For Electric Stacking Vehicles

- Sep 12, 2018 -

Electric stacking truck is a kind of transport machine which is often used in warehouses, logistics centers, transit centers, airports and other occasions. Electric stacking vehicle is a kind of stacking vehicle powered by electric power. Compared with traditional stacking vehicle, electric stacking vehicle is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and has superior safety. It is necessary to pay special attention to the use of the battery during the operation of the electric truck to prevent the battery from damage or failure resulting in economic losses.

The following instructions will introduce the correct charging steps for the electric stacking vehicle:

Hold the plug (do not pull the cable by hand) and disconnect the cable between the battery and the forklift.

2. Open the battery box cover before charging, keep the battery in a good ventilation state during charging, and ensure the smooth discharge of combustible gas generated during charging. Indoor charging room to install fan.

3. Spot check the electrolyte density of the battery; the electrolyte density at discharge termination shall not be lower than 1.130g/ml. If lower than the above index indicates that the discharge depth of the battery is more than 80%, that is, the over-discharge point. Excessive discharge will seriously affect the battery life and should be given enough attention by operators.

4. Check the temperature of the battery's electrolyte. If the temperature is higher than 45 degrees Celsius, cool the battery before subsequent charging.

5. Close the battery drain cover, and keep the battery drain cover closed during charging.

6. Connect the cable between the battery and the charger to connect the plug, and make sure the plug is connected to the position. For batteries already equipped with automatic refueling systems, make sure the water pipes are well connected.

7. Close the charging switch of the charger, and the charger begins to charge.

8. After charging, turn off the power switch of the charger first, and then disconnect the charger and battery cable to connect the plug.

9.For batteries not equipped with automatic charging system, after charging, the battery shall be left standing for 30 minutes, and then open the filling plug to check the level of the battery. For batteries that are below the standard level of the battery, distilled water or deionized water that meets the standard requirements shall be supplemented, but the liquid level after water replenishment shall not be higher than the highest standard level.

10. Cover the battery liquid plug cover, clean the battery surface, connect the cable plug of the battery and the forklift truck, and complete the charging process.

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