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Driving And Operating Method Of New Forklift Truck In Run-in Stage

- Jan 04, 2019 -

Our company found that many customers immediately asked their employees to use the old forklifts in accordance with the previous usage methods after they bought the new forklifts, which greatly reduced the service life of the forklifts. Like other vehicles, the new forklift also has its run-in period, in the early stage of the new car run-in, should not carry heavy goods. The forklift shall be operated in accordance with the following requirements within 100 hours during the first stage of new vehicle run-in:

1. The forklift should be preheated before operation, no matter what season.

2. Carefully and thoroughly carry out pre-inspection and maintenance as required.

3. Avoid emergency braking, emergency steering and start slowly.

Oil change and lubrication should be earlier than the specified time.

Do not make the engine run at high speed without external load.

We hope that customers can operate the forklift in accordance with the above new forklift operation specifications, so as to extend the service life of the forklift and maintain good performance.

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