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Early Know These Electric Forklift Purchase Skills, Let You Buy More Smoothly

- Jan 15, 2019 -

In the industrial production, it is often necessary to transport and pile up a large number of goods, which can only be difficult to improve the work efficiency through manual labor. With the continuous development of industrial production and technology, a variety of mechanical equipment appeared, including electric forklift products for loading, unloading and storage of goods. Battery forklift with low carbon environmental protection, high efficiency, low cost and other obvious advantages by many enterprises.

1. The battery forklift manufacturer and the sales company are in different price positions

Generally speaking, the price of manufacturers is lower than that of sales companies. On the other hand, even for manufacturers, trial production and scale production can lead to high and low prices. Only if the production volume is large, the production cost will be reduced. The selling price can really come down.

2. Charging time of battery forklift

Many manufacturers sell their products online and say a charge lasts two to eight hours. It refers to discontinuous work. If the continuous operation of the electric forklift will not exceed one hour. Generally, the continuous service time of a forklift truck with a single charge is 6 hours, so the enterprise must take the service time into consideration when ordering the forklift truck. Otherwise, it will be inefficient.

3. Electric forklift design

Even if it is the same product, different manufacturers design ideas are not completely the same, such as electric stand balanced weight forklift. General manufacturers do not have the first 3 after 6 degrees of inclination of the design. Due to the dangerous operation of the electric stacking truck, improper operation may easily cause the tumbling and falling of the goods and harm to the operators. Then the forklift ordering enterprises must consider the forklift you buy safety issues. You can't just think about cheap prices.

4. Delivery time of electric forklift

Compared with the delivery time, many manufacturers are not specialized in the production of electric forklifts, and they will purchase accessories when they receive orders, so the delivery time is generally long. The products produced are in any case inferior to professional manufacturers. The product appearance, quality, safety, humanity words design, service life and so on big difference. Especially the service life problem, if the purchase of electric forklift service life is short, it is easy to cause waste.

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