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Forklift Handling Requirements

- Jan 10, 2019 -

Forklift is the most commonly used tool in handling operations, so many users ignore its operating specifications. Here, the requirements for forklift operation are introduced.

When loading the goods, the distance of the fork should be adjusted according to the size of the goods, and the weight of the goods should be equally Shared by the two forks, so as to avoid the off-load or the goods slipping to one side when the forklift is running. Fork into the pile, fork wall should be in contact with the side of the goods, and then the door frame leaning back, the fork will be raised from the ground about 200 mm before driving.

Care must be taken in handling the goods. Unsafe or unstable loading operation is not allowed. Safety and stability should be paid attention to when stacking goods to prevent the occurrence of dumping and rollover accidents. If the load is blocking the view ahead, drive in the opposite direction. Defective or damaged pallets should not be used as they are prone to accidents. Be careful to place the pallets in a special area and do not place them randomly. When driving a forklift, slow down at the corner and sound the siren to warn in case of collision. Pay attention to the lifting height when lifting the pallet, because it will also affect the stability of the forklift. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoid the harm of heavy load operation on the forklift. If the load capacity is insufficient, be sure to use a larger forklift, not overload work.

When the forklift is loaded into the truck, the driver should pay attention to the total weight of the forklift and ensure that the following matters: Truck tires are locked; There is enough space for the door frame of the forklift. If not, the door frame and the body should be separated before loading and transportation.

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