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Forklift Maintenance Knowledge: What Role Does The Chassis Play Locally?

- Jan 15, 2019 -

The driving system is to ensure the rolling operation of forklift maintenance and support the installation of the whole suzhou forklift, which is composed of bracket, axle, wheel and suspension installation. The front axle of the forklift is a drive axle, which is designed to increase the axle axle load in load handling to improve the adhesion quality on the driving wheel and increase the air adhesion to ensure that the driving force of the starter can be fully exerted. The rear bridge is the steering bridge. The steering installation is located in front of the driver, and the control bar such as the gearshift lever is placed on the right side of the driver's seat.

The steering system is a system used to make the forklift truck walk in the direction determined by the driver's will. The steering system of the forklift truck can be divided into mechanical steering system and power steering system according to the different energy required for steering. The former takes the driver's physical ability as the steering energy and is partly composed of a steering gear, a steering transmission mechanism and a governing mechanism. The latter is a steering installation that USES both the physical ability of the driver and the starting motor power as the steering energy. Under normal conditions, forklift steering energy, only a small part by the driver to provide, the large part is initiated by the machine. Oversteer mounting supplied. However, when the steering force installation fails, ordinary drivers should be able to independently undertake the task of steering. In forklift operation, the steering and walking are changeable, in order to reduce the driver's dominant load, the internal combustion forklift adopts power steering installation. The commonly used power steering is equipped with integral power steering gear, semi-integral power steering gear and steering booster. A brake system is a system that slows or stops a forklift. It is composed of a brake and a brake transmission mechanism. According to braking energy, braking system can be divided into three kinds: manual braking system, dynamic braking system and servo braking system. The former takes the driver's physical ability as the braking energy. The pneumatic or hydraulic potential energy, which is completely converted by the power of the starter, is the braking energy. The latter is a combination of the former and the middle. In the balanced weight forklift, the back of the forklift is equipped with the balanced weight to balance the quality of the goods in the front of the forklift, and the power installation (internal combustion engine) or battery of the forklift is usually mounted in the back of the forklift to play a local balancing role.

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