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Forklift Safety Experience

- Dec 06, 2018 -

Forklifts are the most commonly used tools in logistics activities. With the rise of the logistics era, the function of loading, unloading and transportation of forklifts plays an increasingly important role in the survival and manufacturing of enterprises. The usage of forklifts is also increasing, but the safety accidents of forklifts are also increasing. Because China's logistics market has just started, most logistics personnel have not received professional training, and they do not know much about the harm of forklift operation safety. This is a wake-up call for us, for us to be engaged in logistics service industry, understanding the harm of forklift operation safety is particularly important.

It is not allowed to stand on the forklift fork, let alone fork the pallet. Some people in order to facilitate the use of high goods, standing on the fork, because the center of gravity is unstable, fell from the height, resulting in irreversible consequences. When someone is repairing the forklift, the forklift driver wants to try how the forklift works. Then he turns on the power and starts the forklift. As a result, the maintenance personnel of the forklift are involved in it. In a short segment of video, the forklift is driven without cargo on the forklift, without lowering the forklift and lifting it very high. When turning the corner, the forklift hits a pedestrian passing by, and the passenger's chest is crossed by the forklift, and then a series of accidents occur. Although these are exaggerations, they are worth thinking about. Some people are not skilled in technology, but they are too confident in themselves. Sometimes, in order to show their ability, they start to operate without ensuring safety. As a result, they hurt themselves and others.

People's life health is the most important, people's life only once, can not take their own life health as a joke, it is related to their own and other people's life health and safety. In fact, it is very simple to learn how to operate a forklift, but it is difficult to operate a forklift well. Also consciously abide by the forklift operation code of conduct. Before driving, we should first check whether we can drive safely. When driving, we must pay attention to it, maintain a high level of vigilance, and not be distracted, let alone drive fast. Maintain proper driving posture when driving a forklift. After the forklift is started, it should sound its horn to warn and observe the surrounding conditions. When driving, the fork bottom should be kept 300-400mm away from the ground, and the door frame should lean back. Do not lift the fork too high while driving. In and out of the operation site or driving on the way, to pay attention to the sky there are no obstacles scraping. When carrying goods, if the fork rises too high, it will increase the overall height of the center of gravity of the forklift and affect the stability of the forklift. When turning, if there is a pedestrian or vehicle nearby, signal should be issued and fast turning is prohibited. A sharp turn at high speed can cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tip over. Turning on ramps is prohibited and driving across ramps is not allowed. The height of the load must not obstruct the view of the driver. It is forbidden to use fork lift personnel to work on high ground to avoid falling accidents. It is forbidden to use a high speed fork to pick up goods and to collide with a hard object. Under no special circumstances, it is forbidden to brake sharply while carrying things.

Comply with the forklift safety code of conduct, can better avoid many unnecessary injuries and losses.

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