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Forklift Truck Manufacturing Process

- Dec 11, 2018 -

Forklift manufacturing process, rising posture oh! A lot of people have seen forklifts, even used forklifts, but biang doesn't know all about forklifts, let's see. Whether it's a pose or a long knowledge, it's worth a look. Technical parameters of forklift: used to indicate the structural characteristics and working performance of forklift. The main technical parameters of forklift include: rated lifting weight, load center distance, maximum lifting height, door frame inclination Angle, minimum turning radius, minimum off-ground clearance, wheelbase and wheelbase, etc.

1. Rated load

The rated lifting weight of the forklift means the maximum weight of the goods that are allowed to be lifted when the distance between the center of gravity of the goods and the front wall of the forklift is not greater than the distance between the center of load, expressed as t (tons). When the center of gravity of the cargo on the fork exceeds the specified load center distance, the lifting weight of the forklift should be correspondingly reduced due to the limitation of the longitudinal stability of the forklift.

2. Load center distance

The load center distance refers to the horizontal distance from the center of gravity to the front wall of the vertical segment of the fork, expressed in mm(mm), when standard goods are placed on the fork. For 1t forklift, the load center distance shall be 500mm.

3. Maximum lifting height

The maximum lifting height refers to the vertical distance between the upper surface of the horizontal section of the fork and the ground when the forklift truck is fully loaded and the goods reach the highest position.

4. Door frame inclination Angle

Door frame inclination refers to the maximum inclination of the forklift without load on the flat and solid ground, and the door frame is forward or backward relative to its vertical position. The function of the rake Angle is to facilitate the forking and unloading of goods; The role of the rake Angle is to prevent cargo from sliding off the fork when the forklift is carrying the cargo. According to the operation needs, hyundai forklift is a joint venture product of Beijing heavy industry and Korea hyundai! General forklift Angle is 3 ° ~ 6 ° before, after the dip Angle is 10 ° ~ 12 °.

5. Minimum turning radius

When the forklift is driving at low speed without load and turning with the steering wheel full, the minimum distance from the outer-most and innermost sides of the vehicle body to the turning center is called Rmin outside the minimum outer turning radius and Rmin inside the minimum inner turning radius, respectively. · the smaller the minimum outer turning radius is, the smaller the ground area required by forklift for turning and the better the mobility.

6. Minimum clearance from the ground

The minimum clarance from the ground refers to the distance from the lowest point fixed on the body of the vehicle to the ground beyond the wheels. It represents the forklift's ability to jump over the raised obstacles on the ground without collision. The larger the minimum clearance from the ground, the higher the forklift passing.

7. Wheelbase and wheelbase

Forklift wheelbase refers to the horizontal distance between the center line of the front and rear Bridges of forklifts. Wheel spacing refers to the distance between the center of left and right wheels on the same axis. Increasing wheelbase is beneficial to the longitudinal stability of forklift, but increases the length of the body and the minimum turning radius. Increasing the wheelbase is beneficial to the lateral stability of forklift, but it will increase the total width of the body and the minimum turning radius.

8. Minimum width of right-angle channel

The minimum width of right-angle channel refers to the minimum width of right-angle intersection channel for forklift to and from driving. In terms of mm. Generally, the smaller the minimum width of right-angle channel, the better the performance.

9. Minimun width of stacking passage

The minimum width of stacking channel is the minimum width of forklift in normal operation.

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