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Forklift Truck Selection Method

- Dec 20, 2018 -

I. the user shall correctly use all kinds of forklifts according to the specific conditions in the following aspects.

1. Use the site and parking space;

2. Operating environment, air quality, temperature, bearing capacity of pavement and ground, air and surrounding obstacles, gangplank and loading platform conditions;

3. Operating cycle, operating distance and speed, maximum stacking height and lifting speed;

4. Loading condition: type and variety of goods, size, shape and maximum weight;

5. The busy degree of work;

6. Operating personnel: operation level of the driver, habits and experience of forklift truck use, maintenance, maintenance and repair of the driver and maintenance personnel;

Correctly understand the relationship between lift weight and load center of forklift truck

In general the weight of the forklift truck is the center of the load cases the maximum lifting capacity of index, load center with the shape, size and position of the center of gravity of the goods, lifting capacity decreases with the increase of load center, different lifting height, also affect the lifting capacity, adopting all kinds of apparels also make the lifting capacity has different degree of reduced.

3. In general, choose standard forklift, namely the lifting weight, lifting height and fork length under the standard load center. According to the different types of goods and the needs of users, different lifting height of the door frame, fork of different lengths and side shifters, rotating clamps, soft clamps and other accessories can be selected. In addition, it can also be equipped with solid core tire.

Internal combustion balance is generally selected four, mainly used for outdoor heavy truck, road good can use small wheelbase forklift, battery balance weight is generally selected is mainly used for indoor forklift, mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, warehouse and distribution center of forklift can choose reach forklift and electric pallet stacking forklift, cold storage with the available balance type cold storage battery forklift truck.

5. Forklifts with side shifters of 1-2.5t level 2 free lift are generally selected for forklifts entering containers.

6. For outdoor handling of 20 'empty boxes, 8-10t forklifts with widened cargo forklifts should be used. For stacking of 20' -40 'empty containers, 16t forklifts with side empty box cranes can be used (only 3 storeys can be piled at present).

7. In enterprises such as food and beverage enterprises and units with sufficient supply of liquefied oxygen energy, if gasoline forklifts are used, they may choose LPG forklifts or be modified. (currently mainly used in imported gasoline engines)

8. 2-2.5t explosion-proof internal combustion forklift can be used in petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical, oily, aerosol, cosmetic and other industrial departments as well as dangerous goods cargo stations, warehouses and other places where explosive mixtures may occur.

9. Users should pay attention not to use forklifts to work at full load. The weight of goods to be transported in large quantities should be lower than the maximum lifting weight of forklifts. For example, the weight of goods to be transported frequently is 2t. Sometimes, 2.1t-2.2t is recommended to choose 2.5t forklifts instead of 2t forklifts.

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