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Four Points To Note When Choosing An All-electric Stacking Truck

- Sep 08, 2018 -

(1) select according to job function

The basic operating functions of a stacking truck are: horizontal handling, stacking/fetching, loading/unloading, picking. It can be preliminarily determined according to the operational functions to be achieved by the enterprise. In addition, the special operation function will affect the specific configuration of the stacking truck, such as carrying paper roll, iron water, etc., which requires the stacking truck's installation equipment to complete the special function.

(2) select according to homework requirements

The work requirements of stacking vehicles include the requirements of pallet or cargo specifications, lifting height, operating channel width and climbing gradient, etc. In addition, the requirements of working habits (such as sitting or standing driving) and operating efficiency (different models have different efficiency) should also be considered.

(3) operating environment

If an enterprise needs to move goods or warehouses that have environmental requirements such as noise or exhaust emissions, consideration should be given to selecting models and configurations. If it is in the cold storage or in the environment where explosion protection is required, the stacking vehicle configuration should also be cold storage or explosion proof. Carefully examine the location of forklift operation, and consider possible problems, for example, whether the height of the door has an impact on the stacking truck when entering the warehouse; In and out of the elevator, the impact of elevator height and load on the stacking truck; In the upstairs work, whether the floor load meets the corresponding requirements, and so on.

Note: when selecting model and determining configuration, detailed working conditions should be described to the stacking truck supplier, and field survey should be conducted to ensure that the selected stacking truck fully meets the enterprise's needs. Even if the analysis of the above steps is completed, it is still possible that several models can meet the above requirements at the same time. The following aspects should be noted at this time:

Different models have different working efficiency, so the number of forklifts and the number of drivers is also ifferent, which will lead to a series of cost changes.

For instance, if the truck with height is operated in the warehouse, the channel width required by different models is different, and the lifting capacity is also different, which will lead to changes in the warehouse layout, such as changes in the storage capacity of goods.

Changes in the number of vehicles and vehicles on the team will have an impact on many aspects such as fleet management.

Marketing volume of different models is different, and their after-sales support capacity is also different. For example, the low-driven three-way stacking truck and high-driving three-way stacking truck belong to the narrow channel forklift truck series, both of which can complete stacking/stacking and picking up goods in the very narrow channel (1.5-2.0m). However, the former cab cannot be improved, so the operating vision is poor and the working efficiency is low. Because the latter fully covers the former's functions and is superior in performance, sales of the latter in Europe are 4-5 times higher than that of the former, and more than 6 times in China. Therefore, most suppliers focus on the development of high three-way stacking trucks, while the low three-way stacking forklifts are only used in the condition of small tonnage and low lifting height (generally within 6 meters). When the market sales volume is very small, its after-sales service engineer quantity, engineer experience, parts storage water equal service ability will be relatively weak.

(4) the last point is to see the strength and after-sales capacity of the manufacturer, sign the contract and specify the terms in the future, so as to guarantee the service after purchase.

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