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How Is The Second-hand Forklift Market More Regulated

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Because the price of forklift is relatively high, the surplus value of products is also relatively high. If force is done, the economic loss of the enterprise is relatively big, especially under the general environment that the economy continues to decline today more need protects the enterprise benefit. After the management of its emission level, a relatively economic and feasible emission management method should be chosen. Some companies with the ability and financial resources will choose to cooperate with the engine emission modification company to refit the inventory vehicles, in line with the relevant emission regulations of forklift vehicles, and then transfer to the mall.

First, on China Ⅱ emission standard forklift again after production, or to sell, lease, or even as a second-hand forklift handling.

Second, lease the inventory forklift truck to the customer in advance to rent it for purchase and issue the invoice.

Third, the boom of the forklift rear market can also bring the engines of forklift trucks in line with national II emission regulations into the market, mainly selling accessories, but this will not reduce the burden of the main engine factory.

Fourthly, China always has a policy on the top and a strategy on the bottom. Maybe some manufacturers will take the risk to advance the production date so as to avoid being influenced by the policy. However, this move is too dangerous and simply causes a series of vicious circle, which is bad for enterprises.

In addition, there are a number of main engine factories, aiming to expand to third world countries or regions that do not yet have strict emission regulations, and sell the inventory of vehicles to these countries and regions at a low price. But these countries, because of their own restrictions, are not the first choice for cars in stock.

Enterprise as long as early as plan, therefore, the policy before the arrival, early layout fit China Ⅲ emission standard of forklift production line. The homogenization competition and low-end repeated production are not conducive to the development of Chinese enterprises. As long as we innovate intelligent manufacturing, gradually get rid of low-end production and move towards mid-end production, and carry out high-end production and even characteristic customized production, it is the future for the benign development of forklift career. The era of mall economy, where quantity exceeds demand, has gradually withdrawn from the historical stage. The Internet + industry, cloud accounting and the bulge of big data have accelerated the end of this form. The production on demand is the foundation for the healthy development of enterprises in the future.

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