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How To Maintain Forklift Tires?

- Dec 20, 2018 -

First, forklift tire inflation attention to check whether the tire leakage, check the air pressure, to use the barometer to measure the air pressure, periodically check the forklift tire wear, repair or replace. 

Second, according to the standard of the tire with tire inner tube, tire on the device to try to keep consistency, using the same brand, forklift truck tires, as far as possible to do the whole forklift or coaxial with change, at the time of new tires, new change of forklift tires should be placed in the position of the front wheel, forklift truck tires placed in the rear wheel repaired, can ensure the safety of forklift driving. Third, good control of temperature, forklift tire in the process of driving, forklift tire because of deformation such as the external factors to generate heat, will make the internal temperature, pressure of the tire increases, when the forklift truck tyres at high temperature, unfavorable use deflated pressure and water cooling method, so as not to accelerate the damage of tires, shall stop the forklift work, after forklift tire temperature decrease, can continue to work. 

Fourthly, the forklift tires should be regularly transposed. According to the running time and progress of the forklift, the front and rear tires of the forklift are worn to varying degrees, so the forklift tires should be timely replaced and transposed.

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