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How To Use And Maintain The Electric Forklift

- Dec 08, 2018 -

Daily maintenance, after each shift. 2. First-level technical maintenance: after 100 hours of cumulative work, one shift is equivalent to 2 weeks. 3. Secondary technical maintenance: after 500 hours of cumulative work, one shift is equivalent to one quarter.

1. Clean dirt, soil and dirt on the forklift. The key parts are: cargo fork rack and door rack slide, generator and starter, battery electrode fork column, water tank and air filter. 2. Check the fastening condition of each part, the key is: cargo fork support, lifting chain tension screw, wheel screw, wheel fixing pin, brake, steering screw. 3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the foot brake and steering gear. 4, check leakage, the key is: each pipe joint, diesel box, oil tank, brake pump, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, water tank, water pump, engine oil sump, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, main reducer, hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder. 5. Remove the sediment from the oil filter.

The first-level technical maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the "daily maintenance" project, and the following work shall be added. 1. Check cylinder pressure or vacuum degree. 2. Check and adjust valve clearance. 3. Check whether the thermostat works normally. 4. Check whether the multi-way reversing valve, lifting cylinder, inclined cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work normally. 5. Check whether the gear shift of the transmission is normal. 6. Check and adjust the clearance between brake disc and brake drum of hand and foot brakes. 7. Replace the oil in the oil sump, check whether the crankcase ventilation pipe is in good condition, and clean the oil filter and diesel filter element. 8. Check whether the installation of generator and starting motor is firm, whether the connection head is clean and firm, and whether the carbon brush and commutator are worn. 9. Check the tightness of fan belt. 10, check whether the wheel installation is firm, tire pressure is attached to the requirements, and remove the debris embedded in the tread. 11. Disassemble parts due to maintenance work, and conduct forklift road test after reassembly. (1) under different degrees of braking performance, there should be no deviation and snaking. In steep slope, hand brake tension, reliable parking. (2) listen to the engine in the case of acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no-load operation, there is no normal sound. (3) after a range of road test, check whether there is overheating at brake, transmission, front axle housing and gear pump. (4) whether the lifting speed of cargo fork rack is normal and whether there is trembling. 12. Check whether the filter screen of diesel oil import is blocked or damaged, and clean or replace the filter screen. Forklift maintenance special electric forklift use and maintenance manual - western region third, second level technical maintenance in addition to the maintenance of each project according to the first level technical maintenance, and add the following work: 1, clean each oil tank, filter net and pipeline, and check whether there is corrosion, collision crack situation, after cleaning shall not be used with fiber yarn, cloth wipe. 2. Clean the torque converter and gearbox, check the wear of parts and replace with new oil. 3, check the transmission shaft bearing, as necessary to replace the direction of the universal joint cross shaft. 4. Check the fastening condition of each part of the drive axle and whether there is oil leakage, and dredge the air holes. Disassemble and inspect main reducer, differential reducer and wheel edge reducer, adjust bearing axial clearance, add or replace lubricating oil. 5. Disassemble, inspect, adjust and lubricate the hub before and after lubrication, and conduct half-axis displacement. 6, clean the brake, adjust the brake drum and brake shoe friction between the gap. 7. Clean the steering gear and check the free rotation momentum of the steering wheel. Disassemble and clean gear oil pump, pay attention to check the wear of gear, housing and bearing 9, remove the multiway valve, check the gap between stem and valve body, do not disassemble the safety valve if it is not necessary. 10. Check whether the steering knuckle is damaged or cracked, the coordination between the steering bridge pin and the steering knuckle, dismantle and check the wear of the longitudinal and horizontal tie rod and the joints of the steering arm. 11. Remove the tire, remove rust from the rim, paint the rim, check the inner and outer tire and cushion belt, change position and inflate as required. 12. Check the fastening of hand brake parts, and adjust the working stroke of hand brake rod and foot brake pedal. 13, check the battery electro-hydraulic specific gravity, if not in accordance with the requirements, must be removed to charge. 14. Clean water tank and oil radiator. 15. Check whether the shelves and frame are out of shape, remove and wash rollers, and whether the accessories are fixed reliably. If necessary, make up and weld firmly. 16. Disassemble and inspect the lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder and steering cylinder, and replace worn seals. 17. Check all instrument sensors, fuses and switches, and adjust if necessary. Four new forklift, whole vehicle lubrication or stop working for a long time after the forklift truck, to get started with two weeks, for bearings should be lubricated, when the lubrication, should use the new oil out all Chen oil and lubrication two or more times, at the same time we should pay attention to the following points: 1, the lubricating oil should be removed before cover, oil plug, and the dirt of nozzle, lest dirt falling into internal agency. 2, with grease gun pressure lubricants, should be pressed into the parts of the parts of the extrusion lubricant. 3, in summer or winter should be replaced by seasonal lubricants (oil, etc.).

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