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Industry Game Of Forklift: Battery Type Or Internal Combustion Type

- Sep 20, 2018 -

With the development of society, the use of renewable energy has become a new trend. All industries are concerned about new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection. After years of research and experiments, jinwang machinery factory has finally developed a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving pure electric forklift on the basis of fuel forklift.

It is predicted that the annual growth rate of forklifts will exceed 15% this year, and the sales volume can easily exceed 130,000. Among them, internal combustion forklift still accounts for the absolute proportion of sales. However, enterprises have already set their sights on battery fork trucks, the main force in the future forklift market.

Last year, the forklift market began to recover in September, driven by the country's $4 trillion investment, followed by a big increase in the domestic market. It is generally believed that the total demand of the industry will continue to grow rapidly in the past two years, and the main driving force is still internal combustion forklift.

One view is that the internal-combustion forklifts will be dominant for at least five years. This conclusion is mainly based on the fact that the logistics sector can still bear the fuel cost caused by the internal combustion forklift, and the degree of social energy stress has not reached the point that the forklift industry needs to seek change. From the perspective of products, the performance of internal combustion forklifts is stronger, and the indicators such as driving speed, fork lift speed and traction are higher than those of battery forklifts.

For the host enterprises, cost constraints are one of the reasons why they continue to take internal combustion forklift as the leading product. At present, the product structure of Chinese enterprises still remains at the stage where the internal-combustion forklift is the mainstream product. The industrial chain and assembly conditions of the internal-combustion forklift are very perfect. It is not easy to make large-scale adjustment.

However, under the background of low carbon environment protection, the upgrading of power source to electric power is inevitable in the forklift industry. In European, American and Japanese markets, the proportion of battery forklifts is as high as 70%. In view of the current market situation, Chinese enterprises mostly adopt the overseas market strategy, positioning the battery forklift market for service export and appropriately cultivating the domestic market share.

The main factors that affect the speed of the adjustment of forklift market structure are the country's control of low carbon emission. At present, the internal combustion forklift technology of Chinese enterprises has become mature, and factors such as product quality and price have also been recognized in the market. But if the country increases limits on emissions standards, the forklift industry is likely to be "" ushered" "into the battery era.

However, the working hours of the battery fork are still the key to breaking through. In the field of logistics, the use rate of forklifts is very frequent. If the timely operation of forklifts cannot be guaranteed, it will cause great loss to the working efficiency of the logistics company.

As a result, the internal combustion hybrid forklift was born last year at the behest of Toyota. Wuxi cape machinery co., LTD. Also soon developed this type of products. It is understood that the fuel consumption of the internal combustion hybrid forklift produced by wuxi kap machinery co., LTD will be more than 30% lower than the traditional forklift, and the carbon dioxide emissions will also be reduced by 30%.

It is predictable that foreign advanced enterprises will continue to strengthen the research and development of battery forklift. Internal combustion hybrid forklift is only a transition product. From the perspective of the market, only the dual constraint of fuel cost pressure and emission regulations has a profound impact on logistics enterprises, which can really lead to the transformation of products. Until then, internal combustion forklifts will continue to dominate the market.

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