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Knowledge Of Maintenance Of High Temperature Forklift Tank In Summer

- Aug 25, 2018 -

Summer heat, the forklift tank will produce high temperature phenomenon. There are many reasons for the high water temperature: temperature control switch, pump, water pipe rust, poor backwater and other factors will cause such phenomenon, the water temperature of the engine is mainly the normal operation of the economizer, pump can set up to meet the pressure, cooling fan, radiator can reach the specification. Common knowledge of water tank maintenance of forklift truck in summer, do you know?

Question: how to check the temperature of the forklift is abnormal?


1. Check after the engine starts: open the radiator mouth cover with water. If the cooling water inside the radiator is quiet, it is indicated that the work of the economizer is normal, otherwise the operation of the economizer is abnormal. This is because when the water temperature is lower than 70 degrees, the expansion cylinder of the thermostat is in the state of shortening, the main valve is closed, when the water temperature is higher than 80 degrees, the expansion cylinder. The main valve opens gradually, and the circulating water inside the radiator starts to move. When the water temperature gauge indicates 70 degrees below, if the radiator enters the water pipe, the water temperature is hot, it indicates that the main valve of the economizer is not closed tightly, making the cooling water circulation prematurely.

View: after 2, water temperature rise early engine operation, the water temperature rise quickly, after the water thermometer indicates 80 degrees, rising at a slower pace, indicates normal thermostat, on the other hand, if the water temperature rise quickly, when arrive internal pressure must fit your degree, boiling water and overflow, indicate the main valve to have binding, but Russia is open. When the water temperature gauge indicates 70-80 degrees, turn over the radiator cover and the radiator drain switch, and feel its water temperature by hand. If all the knotty illustrate the work of the economizer is normal, if the water temperature at the radiator inlet is low, and there is no water flow or little water in the water inlet pipe of the radiator upper chamber. Explain that the main valve of the thermostat cannot be opened.

The water pump

The water pump is the power that the cooling water keeps circulating in the cooling system. The factors influencing the water pump include impeller and belt. The loose cooling water of the impeller cannot be circulated, resulting in the damage to the water pump.

The electric fan

When the engine is working, if the paper can be blown out, the air volume is satisfied. This is different from the car fan with the front engine, which has an indrawn air. The blade can not be reversed, and the fan housing can be fully useful.

The radiator

Because the chassis of forklift is lower, radiator is placed at the rear of the vehicle, dust is very simple in radiator exterior accumulation, if do not clean in time, can affect heat dissipation action seriously, cooling water is prohibited to use "hard water". To avoid causing scale in radiator, resulting in increased cooling water shortage.

Therefore, when you are working with forklift trucks, you should pay attention to the high temperature of the water tank and other undesirable phenomena. If you find problems, you should contact the local dealers in a timely manner.

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