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Lease Forklift Market Prospect

- Nov 22, 2018 -

With the maturing and development of market economy in our country, forklift rental industry began to flourish in our country. Especially with the deepening of the domestic modern logistics concept in the past two years, the third party logistics and the rapid development of supermarket chains, the huge market potential strongly impact the domestic forklift industry. To be sure, in the near future, forklift truck leasing will be a new bright spot in the development of Chinese vehicle industry.

Forklift has wide use range, strong commonality and flow characteristics, make its have strong can lease. Forklift truck leasing business in foreign countries has been very mature, has become the main way to meet the needs of forklift. Such as in the United States, Europe and other mature markets, forklift rental sales have accounted for more than 6 ~ 7 into sales. In China, the forklift truck leasing only in its infancy, the vast majority of the forklift brand still kept the traditional sales model.

Domestic forklift truck leasing market has not yet formed, low awareness of forklift truck leasing market, at the same time, domestic leasing market credit system is not sound, needs to improve laws and regulations, support and strengthen the Banks, the insurance industry. So these foreign companies with many years of experience in forklift truck leasing business also hope to bring foreign advanced experience to domestic.

Vehicle branch of China construction machinery industry association, the automotive industry to Mr. Gao wang: after years of development, forklift rental industry has developed into an important international mature industry, in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Australia and other developed market economy countries, forklift truck leasing can be seen everywhere. Most European countries such as Britain, France, Germany 80% of all enterprises or users to use forklift truck leasing way; In Australia, forklift seller 60% of the profits from the forklift truck leasing; In Japan and South Korea, forklift truck leasing forklift sales accounted for about 50%. But in China, also has not yet formed the scale. But through the investigation and analysis, we can feel, domestic forklift truck leasing market prospect is very broad: growing of modern logistics and the rapid development of the third party logistics is a new opportunity in the development of forklift truck leasing; Supermarket chain and distribution center for the development of the forklift truck leasing has brought business opportunities; Well-known foreign companies to enter the Chinese market aggressively, modern lease concept to domestic; Sales market competition intensifying, inevitably will make forklift rental industry further development.

Relevant statistics show that in the future 3 ~ 5 years, the modern logistics industry in China will enter a period of rapid development, the demand of all walks of life to a forklift increases year by year, especially in recent years, "the logistics heat", more to stimulate the market demand. The rapid development of logistics industry, there is no doubt to the forklift manufacturer has created a rare opportunity: on the one hand is the increase of demand for forklift truck number from customer; , on the other hand, also became interested clients on the efficiency of the logistics operation, which is very important, is the customer in the access to the forklift, and how to more efficiently use forklift, "appetite" has become more diversified. This means China forklift truck market, has started to say goodbye to the single pure forklift sales model, to sales, leasing, forklift truck leasing solution and other diversified sales service means to change. Forklift truck leasing, has huge market potential and development space!

I for China forklift truck leasing market prospect is promising. First, the rapid development of China's domestic logistics industry and manufacturing is doomed to the Chinese market for the forklift truck's rigid demand is huge, and it is increasing year by year; Second, as the years of related system, including the improvement of the system of finance, insurance, etc, the operation of the forklift truck leasing will be more and more specifications; The third is to our customer's integrity and to be aware of the leasing business has been deepened, it also creates a good condition for the development of the leasing business.

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