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Maintenance Of Electric Truck

- Sep 29, 2018 -

The management of electric moving vehicles must implement the system of "appointment of persons and appointment of machines". The practice proves: the units that carry out the "appointment and appointment" seriously have three characteristics:

1) each operator takes good care of the machine he/she USES;

2) master the performance of the machine and be able to carry out maintenance at any time;

3) reduce the total maintenance cost and increase the attendance of the moving vehicle.

Generally speaking, a proper management system has improved the life of the machine parts, given play to the efficiency of the use of machinery, and enhanced the accountability of operators.

Specific requirements of the management system:

(1) duty list and mechanical maintenance list:

According to the loading and unloading tasks, each operator is assigned to use the machine according to the number and location of the variety specified in the "duty sheet". At the same time, to the operators of safety precautions. When mechanical overhaul is required, the team shall determine the parts and contents for maintenance or repair and assign maintenance or repair personnel according to the situation of mechanical operation and troubleshooting on the "duty sheet".

(2) routine maintenance system:

Routine maintenance is the basic work to ensure normal operation of machinery and personal safety. It is an important measure to extend the service life of machinery and reduce the maintenance cost. Routine maintenance means that the operator must clean, lubricate and inspect all factors affecting the safe operation of the machine before starting up, intermittently and after work.

The daily routine maintenance inspection time is set at 20 minutes before work, and 30 minutes for on-site treatment and equipment maintenance after work.

The tasks of the maintenance worker: first, the "mechanical overhaul execution sheet" allocated by the work group should be completed on the same day; The second is to inspect the hidden danger that the operator has not found in the operation of the machine. If the maintenance worker does not use the material during the repair process, it shall fill in and sign the operation personnel's work sheet after the repair or treatment. For example, the consumable materials and spare parts shall be marked on the "mechanical overhaul execution sheet".

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