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Market Development Of Electric Forklift

- Nov 28, 2017 -

1. China has a large market, large demand for goods, because of the large market in China, enterprises, factories, warehousing rapid development of special needs to transport equipment to meet the cargo handling needs.

2. Material equipment itself upgrading, because the original manual handling vehicle, manual Stacker High Vehicle manual handling, heap high equipment is now unable to meet the increasing demand for material handling, so according to market demand, energy-saving, environmental protection type of electric haulage series of forklifts appear, gradually meet the needs of the market.

3. The development of science and technology, as a result of the continuous development of science and technology, the integration of resources and equipment more and more powerful, accelerated the development of new products and manufacturing, to provide new products to the market is possible.

4. The development of the logistics industry, as a result of social development trend towards logistics-oriented economic development direction, which also makes the demand for materials and equipment increased, for a variety of material handling equipment demand is increasing, but also accelerated the development and manufacture of material handling equipment.

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