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Matters Needing Attention In Winter Operation Of Forklift

- Jan 10, 2019 -

When operating a forklift in a cold winter or in a cold operating environment, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of temperature on the forklift to prevent the influence on the use of the forklift.

Before entering the winter or low temperature environment, want to do a good job of change garments according to the maintenance equipment, testing the freezing point of antifreeze, make its 5 ℃ lower than the local lowest temperature, envoys from the warm temperature about 82 ℃, the battery electrolyte density rise to 1.280 g/cm3, adjust the various parts of the machine, oil equipment of field work to retrofit measures of heat preservation measures, when it is necessary to install the engine oil preheating device, and start the engine regularly, preheat the ministries work system.

Sufficient warm-up time is required after the engine is normally started to operate at low speed and light load until the oil in the engine, transmission, hydraulic system and final drive becomes hot. When the equipment is working, the operation of bucket, shovel and various devices should be slow, do not big throttle impact, scraping, shoveling and pushing.

Winter is the season of high incidence of accidents, about 80% of the total annual accidents, and winter due to operational errors caused by more than 65% of the accidents. If the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, not immediately after the engine, and should make the engine in a 1000-1100 r/min run 10-15 min, and the transmission is in neutral. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the rigid connection and main load-bearing parts of the forklift machine.

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