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On The Forklift Weight Modular Improvement Of New Ideas

- Dec 01, 2018 -

For the balanced weight forklift, whether it is electric balanced weight forklift or internal combustion balanced weight forklift, the weight balance is an essential and important part. The so-called balance weight of the forklift is based on the position where the front wheel is placed as the fulcrum. In order to ensure that the forklift can lift the corresponding load and maintain sufficient adhesion between the rear wheel of the forklift and the ground, so as to ensure the normal steering of the forklift, the balance block configured at the rear of the forklift is called the balance weight of the forklift.

And heavy forklift forklift counterweight and balance bridge load rate close relationship exists between the bridge load rate is forklift bridge load (front axle load, axle load) of its own, the ratio of the total weight and balance, one of the important parameter of heavy truck to counterbalance the stability of the forklift, tractional and dynamic performance parameters, such as has extremely significant effect. The weight of forklift directly affects the load distribution rate and also determines the weight of the whole vehicle. The ideal bridge load ratio can not only improve the overall mechanical performance of the vehicle, but also make the ideal minimum value of the counterweight, so as to reduce the weight of the vehicle, in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of the vehicle, enhance the market competitiveness of the purpose.

We balance with a 3 tons of internal-combustion forklift truck as an example, the weight of the forklift counterweight in accordance with the standard should be in 1.8 tons, at present market sale price of forklift counterweight around 4500 yuan/ton (including taxes and freight), so it would be 8100 yuan, more than a country Ⅱ emissions standards domestic engine also expensive, be it a 3 ton forklift accessories, most expensive for forklift truck production cost and market sale price. It is for this reason, there are some manufacturers adopt the way of enlarging the wheelbase to reduce the weight of the counterweight, to achieve lower production costs, improve the purpose of the product market competitiveness, but increased the forklift truck turning radius, reduces the forklift channels through sex, especially the balance of electric forklift, reduced the space utilization of the customer. What is more, there are very few lawbreakers, in order to seek greater interests, shoddy, with concrete to make counterweight, seriously disrupted the normal market order, the impact is very bad. Therefore, it can be seen that the weight balance of forklifts is of great importance to forklifts, and it has a significant impact on their bearing capacity, safety, production cost and market competitiveness.

However, compared with all other forklift parts, the forklift weight is almost no wear and tear parts. We only compare the relatively high value components of forklifts, such as engines, batteries, motors, electronic controls, front and rear Bridges, etc., which will go through the process of wear and tear, maintenance and scrap. However, there is no such problem in the weight balance. From the forklift production out of the factory until the forklift is scrapped, the function and use value of the forklift weight balancing component have not changed, and the purchase price may increase with the change of the steel market price. However, with the continuous update and iteration of new products and the aesthetic change of product appearance, the weight of the old forklift truck cannot be reused. Unless the forklift truck is remanufactured by the manufacturer, it can only be sold as scrap iron. The current purchase price of scrap iron is about 1000 yuan/ton, which is a pity. And for those who buy scrap iron and smelting factories, the disposal of discarded forklift counterweight is very troublesome, tasteless food is a pity to discard.

So, how to solve the problem of forklift truck weight balancing? Here I try to come up with an immature solution, which is to use the famous "lego block" mode to make forklifts for assembly.

As we all know, lego blocks are plastic blocks with convex particles on one side and grooves that can be embedded into convex particles on the other side. There are various shapes, and each shape has different colors. Through different arrangements and combinations, you can piece together infinite shapes.

The same principle, we can design a simple, standardized base module, made into various shape and weight of the cast iron standard module, according to each type of forklift truck design style, through the permutation and combination, to create a variety of shapes, different styles of forklift counterweight, to adapt to the needs of different manufacturers, of course, if the factory needs to decorate, can also blow be bored with child spray paint. Biggest advantages of this product is unlimited recycling, environmental protection, and save money, both for forklift truck manufacturers, to the forklift users, to society, has a good economic value and environmental value, worthy of our extensive study on the forklift manufacturer and improve the innovation consciousness, to make the actual product as soon as possible, do more contribution for our country's forklift industry.

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