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Overhaul Method Of Diesel Forklift Engine And Repair And Disassembly Steps

- Nov 02, 2018 -

In the process of diesel forklift maintenance, the engine, as an important component of the internal combustion forklift, is responsible for the power source of the whole operation of the forklift. Electric forklift is powered by a motor. Of course, mechanical operation is bound to cause wear and tear, so maintenance is a regular thing.

How to remove the engine

First, the engine is removed from the forklift truck, and must be carried out when the engine is completely cooled, or it will cause deformation of some parts.

1. Water is discharged from the engine cooling system and oil and hydraulic oil are released from the engine and hydraulic transmission.

2. Remove the safety shed and seat, remove the radiator cover, and remove the exhaust muffler.

3. Remove the lower pedal and remove the radiator, exhaust pipe and its accessories.

4. Remove the connecting parts (hoses, ducts, etc.) of the engine and hydraulic drive and other systems.

5. Disassemble the connection between engine and main drive (universal joint, etc.).

6. Hang the engine on the lifting equipment, and screw down the bolt connecting with the frame.

7. Lift the engine with lifting equipment and place the engine on the platform.

Check wear

1. First look at the color and quality of the oil. For example, there is a lot of iron filings in the oil, indicating that crankshaft tile or connecting rod tile should be worn, or even crankshaft wear. If the machine is very thick, it means that the oil has not been replaced for a long time.

2. When disconnecting the crankshaft of connecting rod piston, observe the condition of connecting rod tile and crankshaft tile. If it is found that the whole connecting rod cannot be used again, if the crankshaft is not worn seriously, it can be used again after grinding.

3. Observe the wear and tear of the cylinder sleeve, and pay attention not to hit the engine body when disconnecting the cylinder sleeve to prevent damage.

At this point, is the main engine maintenance steps. It may seem simple, but it takes a long time to get an engine fixed. Any small detail error can lead to engine failure, so the maintenance of the engine is of course something that requires experienced personnel to operate, and should not be done blindly.

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