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Reveal The Hydraulic System Of Huahe Forklift Fittings

- Dec 17, 2018 -

Huahe forklift parts mainly refer to engine parts, chassis parts, gearbox parts, cooling system parts, electrical parts and various accessories of heli forklift, which are mainly designed for cargo handling in the warehouse.

Huahe forklift accessories hydraulic system, main is to use the sealing liquid in the container and heritability movement, and then through the oil hydraulic cylinder motion to work, and finally realize the loading and unloading of goods, when the whole heli forklift accessories hydraulic system operation, further implementation of forklift truck operation action, heli forklift accessories of the working principle of the hydraulic system.

Forklift hydraulic system energy consumption is large, mainly due to the following reasons.

1. There is a large amount of energy loss in the hydraulic system. In the process of driving forklifts, the hydraulic system of heli forklift parts shall undergo three times of energy conversion, which will cause unnecessary energy loss and affect the energy load of other forklift parts

2. The loss caused by energy matching with engine power is different according to the working requirements of forklift. When the engine works together with the hydraulic system, the engine should match the best absorption power with the hydraulic pump, which is adjusted according to the load of forklift.

3. The energy transmission and conversion process causes losses, and there are gaps between the hydraulic system accessories. When the forklift works, the oil in the hydraulic pump will leak, further resulting in the power loss of the hydraulic system.

It is not only the hydraulic system of heli forklift fittings that has these energy dissipation problems, but also other forklift fittings. The maintenance of forklift is a long-term work. Only by starting from details can the service life of forklift be extended better!

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