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Safe Parking For Electric Forklift

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Loading and unloading of pieces of pallets stacking and short distance transport, heavy lifting operation of all kinds of wheeled transport will be used to electric forklift, electric forklift to save our hands when the hard work and time, for which we stop after the end of the operation is also very important, safe parking to do the following:

1. Before engine flameout, should make engine idling operation

2. After 2-3 minutes flameout, the engine flameout stops, should tighten the brake handle.

3. Low temperature season (below 0 degrees), should be put into the cooling water, or add antifreeze.

4. When the temperature is below-15 degrees, should remove the battery and move into the room, so as not to freeze crack, turn the oil filter handle 1-2 turn, check the bolts, nuts have no loose phenomenon, and timely removal of abnormal conditions.

5. Wash and clean the forklift, after routine maintenance, parking garage or designated location.

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