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Safety Tips For Forklift Trucks

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Forklift truck is the most commonly used tool in logistics activities. With the rise of logistics era, the function of handling and transportation of forklift truck plays an increasingly important role in the survival and manufacturing process of enterprises. The use amount of forklift truck is increasing, but safety accidents of forklift truck also happen more and more. Because China's logistics market is just starting, most logistics personnel do not have professional training, and they are not so familiar with the safety hazards of forklift operation. This is a wake-up call for us. For those who are going to engage in the logistics service industry, it is particularly important to understand the safety hazards of forklift operation.

No one is allowed to stand on the fork of a forklift, let alone the pallet. Someone, for the sake of convenience, stood on the fork and fell from the height because of the unsteady center of gravity, resulting in irreversible consequences. When someone is repairing a forklift truck, the forklift driver wants to test the forklift truck, then turns on the power to start the forklift truck, and finally rolls in the hand of the forklift maintenance staff. In a small section of the video, the forklift travels without cargo on the fork, does not put the fork down, rises so high that, on turning, it hits a pedestrian who passes by, and the fork goes right through that pedestrian's chest, and there is a series of accidents. These are exaggerations, but they are worth pondering. Some people are unskilled but overconfident about themselves, and sometimes operate to show off their abilities without ensuring safety. As a result, they hurt themselves and others.

Human life health is the most important, human life only once, can not take their own life health as a joke, it is about their own and other people's life health and safety. Actually, it is very simple to learn to operate a forklift, but it is difficult to operate a forklift well. It is also necessary to consciously abide by the code of conduct when operating forklifts. Before driving, you should first check whether you can drive safely. When driving, you should pay attention, maintain a high level of vigilance, and not be distracted, let alone driving fast. Maintain proper driving posture while driving forklifts. After the forklift is activated, it should sound the alarm and observe the surrounding situation. When travelling, the bottom end of the cargo fork should be kept at 300-400mm from the ground height, and the door frame should be tilted backward. Do not lift the fork too high in traffic. In and out of the operation site or on the road, pay attention to whether there is no obstacle scratch. When the cargo is driven, if the fork is raised too high, it will increase the overall center of gravity height of the forklift and affect the stability of the forklift. When turning a corner, if there is a pedestrian or vehicle nearby, signal should be given and sharp turns at high speed should be prohibited. High speed sharp turns can cause vehicles to lose lateral stability and tumble. It is prohibited to turn on a ramp, nor to cross it. The height of the load should not obstruct the driver's sight. It is prohibited to use a fork to lift people engaged in high work to avoid falling accident. High-speed forklifts and forklifts are prohibited from collision with hard objects. In no special case, it is forbidden to brake sharply when carrying things.

Following the safety code of conduct for forklifts can better avoid many unnecessary injuries and losses.

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