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Specifications For Forklift Operation

- Jan 10, 2019 -

Forklift trucks as a important transportation tool in jobsite, played an important role for cargo handling of goods, but many factories use of forklift truck are no strict regulations, we Ann fork handling machinery co., LTD. (suzhou) as many factories suppliers of forklifts, forklift truck leasing business, up, we share the general factory specifications, use forklift manufacturer to customer for reference.

The purpose of the forklift specifications: to ensure the smooth operation of the production, extend the service life of the forklift, and save the unnecessary abnormal loss of the forklift.

The first forklift can only be used for transporting goods in the yard in principle, if it is used for other purposes, it must be approved by the management.

Article 2 forklift tyre pressing cans and other non-operational items shall be prohibited, and the violator shall be fined 100 yuan.

Article 3 forklifts are forbidden to push and pull the truck, and violators shall be fined 1000 yuan.

Article 5 the forklift must be parked in the designated parking space and cannot be parked at will. Violators shall be fined 50 yuan.

Sixth survives the scene actual situation, in addition to the normal goods, unloading staff need to use forklift, must be approved by site management personnel on duty, and appointed by the management personnel on duty vehicles to the unloading personnel to use, after unloading workers have been using the vehicles, must carry on the vehicle handover with feeding people, check the usage of vehicle, and did not check out if you have any questions, by the succession shall be held responsible.

Article 7 when pushing the goods at the feeding port, the forks and clamps shall not come into contact with the ground, and the violator shall be fined 100 yuan.

Article 8 when unloading containers or wagons, the platform shall be level with the height of containers or wagons; otherwise, it shall not be unloaded.

Article 9 the maintenance of the forklift shall be carried out in accordance with the original provisions. The 10th, 20th and 30th day of each month shall be the maintenance days, and the maintenance shall be carried out according to the number of each forklift and the corresponding personnel.

Article 10. The shift supervisor and site management personnel, in addition to arrange the daily work, should arrange related personnel for the forklift maintenance and maintenance, supervision, forklift worker implementation of the above provisions, such as shift supervisor and site management personnel in violation of the provisions of forklift workers did not stop them and report, will aggravate the punishment, on-site management personnel should also be on duty to do a good job of succession forklift, each class must be used to record a forklift, any fraud in the record, to hide the fact, find a taking

Article 11 when the forklift is in use, if any abnormality or fault is found in the forklift, it shall immediately stop using the forklift and report in time.

Article 12 where the forklift is found to be faulty and handled or reported in time to avoid heavy losses, the branch plant shall give rewards according to the analysis of its value.

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