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The Cause Of Corrosion And Rust Of Forklift Truck

- Jan 04, 2019 -

When our company carries out the maintenance of forklifts in suzhou, we often find that many customers' forklifts are rusted or even corroded. Many customers' friends are also puzzled. Why do they still rust when using and maintaining the forklifts correctly? Is the forklift of poor quality? In fact, the rust corrosion of forklift is not only related to the daily use habits, but also related to the use environment and its own structure.

Forklifts can be divided into internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts. Most of the internal combustion forklifts are used in ports, wharves and industrial and mining sites, and the service environment is relatively harsh, especially in the port and chemical industry. Due to the combined action of subtropical, humid and hot zone, Marine climate environment, industrial waste gas and dust, the parts of forklifts are corroded and damaged, resulting in severe corrosion. The storage battery forklift is mostly used in warehouse and other indoor places, the environmental change is small, environmental factors caused by corrosion is relatively light.

The corrosion environment inside the forklift, such as high temperature generated by the engine and combustion exhaust gas containing sulfur and chloride ions, acid mist and liquid leakage generated by the battery, stress generated by vibration and impact in the work, local damage caused by friction and collision, are also the main reasons for corrosion damage of forklift parts.

The main mechanism of metal corrosion is that the original metal is converted into metal oxide, which causes the structural parts or components to rust, damage or even cannot be repaired and discarded. And paint, rubber, fiberglass and other non-metallic materials aging, mainly by the comprehensive effect of the environment, the material polymer structure cracking, degradation, dissolution and other physical and chemical changes, resulting in the appearance and performance of the decline. It can be seen that the design structure, applied materials, technology and protective measures of the forklift directly determine the corrosion resistance of the forklift.

Therefore, the rust and corrosion of the forklift are caused by itself. Any tool has its own service life. As long as the customer can operate in accordance with the correct maintenance specifications in daily use, our company will maintain the vehicle in regular maintenance cycle to maintain the normal use of the forklift.

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