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The Maintenance Of Engineering Machinery During The Rainy Season Is Very Important

- Sep 27, 2018 -

As the summer solstice drew near, rain began to fall, and excavators continued their orderly work at the site. So, how should the wet day carry on maintenance to excavator? Let's take a look!

The general working environment is not very good, such as mines, construction sites, and so on, in addition to the pond stone road is basically dirt road, after the heavy rain to wash the road surface of many places mud accumulation, the road has become unusually wet slippery, even excavators have become difficult.

Watch the road

Sometimes if there's an emergency that requires a digger to go out and help with the flood, that's good. But be sure to be safe, especially when working in the rain.

In rainy days, it is necessary to pay attention to the road condition, especially in some places with particularly thick soil. The soil is wet and slippery after heavy rain. In these places, it is necessary to pay attention to the surrounding environment and observe constantly.

Excavator in rainy season do tractor must ensure the safety of the excavator, when using only protect their own safety to rescue others, especially when on a downhill road bikes, must see the road, if there are too many mud had better to remove dirt, conditional word shovel best things like sand to the way this can greatly reduce vehicle skid, in ensuring safety of rescue, must not act recklessly.

Avoid excavators that are too close to the edge of cliffs or ditches where the ground is soft and prone to fall or tumble as a result of their weight and vibration.

Excavator station

The parking of excavators in the rainy season is also particularly important. If possible, it is better to park in the garage, and avoid indoor storage in the excessively humid environment. Anti-rust operation is very important. After the machine is stored for a long time, the grease on the piston rod should be dried and grease should be added to all parts.

Keep the working device dry and clean in the place of the machine. Do not put water in the machine to prevent the machine from rust.

In a timely manner to clean

After the rainy season operation must be cleaned to the excavator chassis, necessary places to maintain refueling, in case of rust, check each oil release screw loose, even if maintenance, found that there is water in the machine to remove in time. Avoid rust affecting the intelligence of the machine.

When parking in the open, pay attention to check whether the cover of fuel tank and hydraulic oil tank is tightly closed, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by rain infiltration into the oil tank.

Equipment maintenance

In rainy days, pay attention to check the filter core of the air filter of the excavator to avoid rain water, which will cause the deterioration and damage of the paper filter core, and timely replace and maintain.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the wear of the sealing ring on the engine oil gauge, so as to prevent the rain from seeping into the oil. The oil filler mouth should also be checked. If it is necessary to park in the open air, it can be covered with a plastic bag.

Check the usage of each line head of the starter to see if there is any loose or rusting situation, and timely deal with the problem, so as to avoid the influence of damp on the starter's service life. Check the use of generator, all line joints to avoid dampness, affect the power generation effect.

Parking in the rainy season is best to put the engine part inside the garage. Some careless drivers think they can put the car into the garage, but they don't notice that the engine part is right under the eaves I've seen it, so don't be too careless parking.

Working in the rainy season excavators should pay attention to wind, anti-collapse, moisture-proof, anti-slippery. Work in the rain to maintain vigilance, night work should be maintained before and after the excavator headlights, working lights, overhead lights, instrument lights, windshield, and other normal work to ensure safety.

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