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The Right Choice Of Forklift Tyre Reduces Costs With Half The Effort!

- Sep 18, 2018 -

1. Types and characteristics of forklift tires

The tire used in forklift can be divided into three kinds: pneumatic tire, pneumatic rim solid tire and pressure compound solid tire.

The tire is filled with compressed air and has good elasticity and adhesion. And its performance is greatly affected by tire pressure. With the increase of tire pressure, the bearing capacity, adhesion capacity, vibration frequency, comfort and safety become worse.

The difference between aerated rim solid tire and aerated tire is that its inner cavity is not aerated and filled with high elastic material, so its ability to resist puncture is enhanced, which increases the safety of the vehicle. Compared with the pneumatic tyre, the solid rim tire has higher quality, stronger bearing capacity, less flexibility and weaker absorber capacity, so its comfort is worse.

Pressure matching solid tire is characterized by small diameter, high pressure capacity, and is suitable for forklifts with large load and small wheels. This kind of tire is free from puncture risk, easy to maintain, but poor in elasticity, thus making the whole car become less comfortable.

2. Impact of forklift tires on the performance of the whole vehicle

The tire and the tire used to support the vehicle is the source of vehicle adhesion, which has a significant impact on many important performance of the vehicle, including power, economy, passability, braking, driving safety and carrying capacity.

(1) influence on the dynamic performance of forklift truck

The whole section of solid tire is composed of rubber and curtain with different formula, and its internal friction loss is bound to exceed that of air tire. Moreover, compared with the static stiffness of air tire, solid tire also has larger deformation when rolling, so its rolling resistance is larger. Solid tire is larger in quality than pneumatic tires of the same specification, so its acceleration resistance and slope resistance are also larger.

(2) impact on braking performance

The braking force of forklift mainly depends on the braking torque provided by the brake and the adhesion of road surface. Sufficient braking force can be obtained only when the forklift has sufficient braking torque and the ground can provide sufficient adhesion. Solid tire has poor adhesion performance compared with pneumatic tire of the same specification. Therefore, the solid tire has less braking force than the pneumatic tire fork of the same specification. At the same time, the solid tire has a larger mass than the pneumatic tire of the same specification. Therefore, in the case of the same initial braking speed, the braking deceleration speed of the tire fork truck is smaller and the braking distance is larger. Therefore, in the same specifications, solid tire forklift brake system can be poor.

(3) influence on forklift passability

The tire of the same specification can increase the ground clearance of the forklift due to the larger overall size of the pneumatic tire than the solid tire.

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