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The Secret Of Seasonal Maintenance Of Forklift Truck

- Oct 11, 2018 -

During the summer and autumn seasons, the maintenance of forklift should also be paid attention to, and the maintenance details of forklift should be paid attention to. CFTO China fork trade online reminds you to pay attention to the following points.

1. External maintenance of forklift truck

Autumn dew, often can cause the surface of the forklift and forklift accessories damp, if the body has obvious scratches at the same time, to do painting work in time, avoid scratch parts be affected with damp be affected with damp be corrosion, because of the strong sun in summer, will cause the car body paint by oxidation, so in the summer and fall seasons, to do a full varnish for forklift maintenance, repair paint.

2. Tire maintenance

Owing to the high summer temperatures, easy to cause the risk of puncture, to always check the tire pressure, can't let the pressure of the tire is too high, in contrast to the autumn, the temperature related to low temperature, tire will supply pressure, to keep within the prescribed scope of pressure, because the autumn and winter tyres can become hard and fragile, can cause tire easy to leak, even tire, so often should clean up the surface with clutter.

3. Maintenance of engine room

The engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine room of the forklift truck should be checked regularly for adequacy, deterioration and replacement, so as to ensure smooth oil circulation.

4. Maintenance of brake system

The temperature difference between day and night in autumn can easily cause expansion and contraction and deformation of the forklift body part. It is necessary to check whether the brake is weakened or out of alignment, whether the kicking force of the brake pedal is changed, and clean the pipeline part of the whole braking system when necessary.

5. Maintenance of air inlet or air grid

Check the air inlet of the forklift fittings or the air inlet grille to see if there is any debris. If there is any debris, use compressed air to blow away the dust. Under the cooling state of the engine, use the water gun to flush these parts.

6. Battery maintenance

The electrode wiring of the forklift battery is the most likely place to go wrong. The green oxides of the battery should be cleaned in time. These green oxides will lead to the shortage of power of the forklift generator and even lead to the scrapping of the battery.

7. Maintenance of cockpit

Dust in autumn, avoid dust into precision accessories and other forklift accessories, to be promptly cleaned, especially in the north applicable forklift, the cockpit to maintain air circulation, often open Windows.

8. Maintenance of chassis

The chassis in the forklift accessories is also a detail that cannot be ignored in the maintenance of forklift. The state of the chassis should be regularly checked and timely maintained, and the door shaft and guide rail of the forklift should be checked. Anti-rust oil should be regularly applied to these.

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