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The Service Life Of Forklift Can Be Extended By 2 Years If The Tire Is Changed Into The Right Position

- Jan 15, 2019 -

Is it necessary to change the tire position? According to the driving mode of the car is divided into the front drive, rear drive and four-wheel drive, drive wheel and non-drive wheel force is not the same, the tire in front and behind the force is not the same, the car to the left and to the right turn will also cause the tire can not be synchronized wear, which leads to four tires will not be uniform wear. After a car travels a long mileage, the phenomenon of uneven tire wear will become more and more serious. Uneven tire wear is bound to cause inconsistent tire service life. If the front and rear tires wear evenly and the service life is consistent, it is not an exaggeration to extend the service life of all tires by 2 years. Therefore, the purpose of reversing the tire is to prevent the tire from being worn in a single direction for a long time. Regularly changing the position of the tire is to make the tire wear balance, which is conducive to stable operation and safe driving of the car, and ultimately can extend the service life of the tire.

All kinds of tire alignment method is not the same, because not all the car driving wheel position is the same, according to the actual situation of the car, comply with the correct interchange method, because the car is divided into front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive, the interchange method is not the same. The correct way is to drive for the front drive wheel vertical change, left front to left back, right front to right back. Non - drive wheel diagonal change, right back to left front, left back to right front. That is to say, the principle of non - four-wheel drive car tire transposition is: drive wheel vertical, non - drive wheel diagonal change. Like the rear drive needs left front to right back, right front to left back, left back to left front, right back to right front. If it is a four-wheel drive model, it can be directly changed vertically before and after, such as left front to left back, right front to right back.

The tire transposition can prevent the tire from eccentric wear, prevent the suzhou forklift from premature deviation and shake, and extend the service life of the tire. In order to ensure uniform wear of the front and rear tires, the service life of the four tires is synchronous. For general cars, the tires can be changed every 10,000 kilometers.

Finally, suzhou forklift truck will give some tips about the use of tires:

1. Considering that most cars are driven by the front wheels, which wear out faster than the rear wheels, it is necessary to pay special attention to the use of the front tires. It is best to replace the new tires in pairs, and always control the speed when using the repaired tire.

2, check the tire frequently, for the tire partial wear can be found early, early treatment, to avoid the "eat the tire" phenomenon brought about by the safety hidden trouble.

3, front and rear tire tire pressure is different, front and rear tire transposition must remember to reset the tire pressure.

4, if the tire is found to have premature wear, abnormal wear phenomenon, in addition to the need to do four-wheel positioning, but also in advance of the tire transposition.

5, there is a directional pattern of the tire (single guide tire) adjustment must pay attention to, do not install the reverse, installation should be in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the tire installation. Therefore, the single guide tire can only be directly opposite the front and rear wheels and not cross transposition.

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