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The Transmission System Is The Main Power Source Of Forklift

- Sep 06, 2018 -

For forklift driver's job, though, among the numerous engineering machinery forklift forklift repair are often more easily, and because the forklift work in less influence by the outside world, therefore, its loss will not particularly serious, relatively speaking, the service life of the forklift often much longer than the excavator or loader.

What needs to be pointed out by the forklift truck here is that in order to do a more comprehensive inspection and prevention of the forklift truck repair, when carrying out the general maintenance and maintenance of the forklift truck, everyone must do the following four aspects of inspection, so as to truly achieve the comprehensive maintenance of the forklift truck.

Detection required in the circuit system

The circuit system is a basic guarantee for the forklift operation function. If there is any problem in this aspect, it may directly affect the forklift function. To this, in the maintenance of the truck, we need to detect circuit system to conduct a comprehensive, in addition to ensure each circuit itself sensitive outside of work, you must be check line wear or damage situation, timely replace some severely damaged or dysfunction of circuit components, and will be used for some time longer fuse should also be replaced, in addition, in order to reduce the circuit system of possible problems in the work, you still have to be clean lines, avoid dust or moisture affects the normal work of the forklift circuit.

Second, the transmission system needs to be tested

The transmission system is the main power source of the forklift, so to ensure the smooth operation of the forklift, we must ensure the normal operation of the transmission system. In the test of this function, you should pay more attention to the fact that in the peripheral equipment, you should first do the test of tires, to ensure the stability of tires, and timely repair some parts of wear, to prevent the occurrence of skid in the work of tires. In the maintenance of the internal drive system, people also need to fully check the brake system and adjust the sensitivity to ensure the safety of the operation. In addition, in the adjustment of the transmission bearing, you should fully ensure its flexibility to achieve a more efficient forklift operation.

3. One thing that needs special attention in the detection of chain components is that since the after-sales maintenance of forklift truck is in operation for a long time and the wear situation is relatively serious, the detection of this aspect should also be taken as the focus. Generally speaking, in order to maintain the chain of forklift truck, we need to make sure the movement of the chain and lifting chain, repair the crack of the chain in time, and replace some seriously damaged chains thoroughly. Most of the time, these chains play an important role in ensuring work efficiency.

Iv. The hydraulic system shall be well tested

For the hydraulic system of forklift, we should make timely adjustment according to the condition of forklift in the ordinary working time. In this respect, we should adjust and replace the hydraulic oil as required to avoid possible oil leakage or abnormal consumption. Although these aspects seem to have little impact, they still need to be carefully tested to avoid unnecessary operation problems caused by the instability of hydraulic system function, considering the overall guarantee.

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