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What Are The Skills Of Driving A Forklift

- Dec 28, 2018 -

Novice can practice these points, the following specific instructions:

1. Know the important parts of forklift (hand brake, clutch, accelerator, brake, gear, lifting bar and tilting bar)

Hand brake is the car stop is stable must be pulled down, clutch is to start shifting gear slowly forward and backward operation, throttle cooperation is very important to control it properly, brake is an important part of the vehicle brake, gear forklift only before and after the distinction between fast and slow, lifting bar and tilt bar is fork cargo must be operated to cooperate with the use;

2. Start the forklift: it seems to be very important to start the vehicle simply, loosen the hand brake to lift the fork, step on the clutch and hang forward or backward gear and fast or slow gear, gently loosen the clutch and gently hit the direction wheel of the motor forklift in the back with small spacing.

3, fork goods: goods vehicle to the front, hit the clutch release the clutch on put forward gear in neutral, control lifting rod to the appropriate location, and then hit the clutch hang put forward gears light vehicles clutch slowly with central lifting lever to adjust insert at the bottom of the goods, trample clutch idling control tilt bar tilting ascending upward to the right height, step on the clutch hanging reverse running smoothly;

4. Cargo release: when the vehicle drives to the position specified by the goods, step on the clutch slowly forward and stop steadily after arriving, put the gear into neutral and slowly put down the fork to control the tilt lever to level, step on the clutch and hang back.

5. Park the forklift: drive the forklift to the parking position, step on the clutch and hang the neutral gear, put the fork to the end, pull up the hand brake, and turn off the forklift.

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