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What Is The Reason That Electric Forklift Accumulator Capacity Drops Very Quickly?

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Follow each research department to be in actively develop energy-saving environmental protection products. In industrial shopping malls, industrial equipment vehicles, electric forklifts by virtue of fast control, maintenance brief, quiet, pollution-free and other characteristics of agile in the occupation of certain shopping malls. Electric forklifts are suitable for indoor operation. At present, most electric forklifts on the market use batteries, which are intended to be cheap. Some users asked xiaobian, forklift battery capacity decline quickly is what reason? Electric forklift manufacturers make small make up answer.

1, forklift battery arrived at the user after the factory can be used in a timely manner, constitute a long time of storage, storage for a long time must constitute a self-discharge will cause the lack of capacity. Because the battery storage for a long time is not correct, to charge a period of time.

2. The positive plate of forklift battery is corroded and deformed, resulting in the lack of capacity.

The positive plate of forklift battery is the most important factor affecting the working life of the battery. The capacity of charging and discharging cycle of forklift truck battery, especially the capacity decrease in deep cycle, is closely related to the quality error of positive plate.

2.1 softening and dropping of active substances on positive plate grid

On microscopic active substances in the holes and there is a big, big hole size beyond 0.5 cm, it is composed of many small holes through them, along with the discharge cycle, shorten the active matter appearance, constitute the center coral structure, repeated cycles using holes aggregation, make big hole keep adding, destroyed the anode structure, lead to fall of active matter.

The primary cause of these conditions is the high current charge and discharge of forklift battery. Prevent occurrence should ensure the current of charge and discharge and prevent the phenomenon of overcharge or overdischarge.

2.2 corrosion deformation of positive plate grid

The corrosion speed of the grid depends on the composition of the grid alloy, but the higher the storage temperature, the faster the corrosion speed, the deeper the discharge depth, the more severe the corrosion.

3. Sulfudation of negative plate of electric forklift battery:

In normal operation, PbSO4 particles on the negative plate are small, and discharge is very simple to recover as fluffy lead, but sometimes the battery internal production of difficult to recover lead sulfate, known as sulfuric acid.

The causes of negative salinization many, such as not charging in time after discharge, battery placed for long, cause severe self-discharge, electrolyte concentration is too high, the lack of charging for a long time, high temperature for a long time discharge, this kind of lead sulfate in practice it is difficult to recover, such active material cutting is bound to affect the forklift battery capacity.

Electric forklift manufacturer makes industrial electromechanical small make up clew us, when buying forklift battery, want to pay attention to counterfeit and shoddy perhaps secondhand goods, because some manufacturers want to improve their comprehensive competitiveness, pass drop product quality to pull low price to earn profit, so, identify big brand just is right choice. Make mechanical and electrical is the best choice, if there is a need to buy please call at any time, there will be a professional answer for you.

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