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What Is The Role Of Forklift In The National Economy

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Forklifts are widely used in factories, warehouses, stations, ports, etc. for loading, unloading, handling, stacking, and unstacking of pieces or packages of goods, and can also be used for loading, unloading, and handling of bulk goods and other non-packed goods after the replacement of other work equipment.

Because of the variety of goods, different shapes, different packages, it is difficult to realize the mechanization of loading and unloading operations for many years. It not only takes up a large amount of labor, but also has a great labor intensity. Practice has proved that adopting forklift operation is an effective way to solve the mechanization of the whole operation process of loading, unloading, transporting and stacking pieces of goods. Working with forklift truck can make full use of the warehouse space. The stacking height of cargo can reach 4-5m, and the utilization coefficient of warehouse capacity can be increased by 30%-40%. Its main function is:

(1) realize mechanization of loading, unloading, and handling operations, reduce labor intensity, save large and maximum labor force, and improve work efficiency.

(2) shorten the operation time of loading, unloading, handling and stacking, and accelerate the turnover of materials and vehicles.

(3) improve the utilization rate of the warehouse and promote the development of the warehouse to multi-level shelves and high-rise warehouses.

(4) reduce cargo damage and improve the safety degree of operation.

Currently, the main product lines of forklift truck include: stacking truck (all-electric stacking truck, semi-electric stacking truck, manual stacking truck), moving truck (all-electric stacking truck, semi-electric stacking truck, manual stacking truck), electric forklift truck. Among them, CDD series of electric stacking trucks and CBD series of electric moving vehicles are great achievements. Its advanced AC AC drive technology and EPS electronic power steering technology are more pioneering in China, and the user experience is far superior to similar domestic products. Therefore, it is favored by famous enterprises such as midea, chery, Fujitsu, Shanghai Volkswagen and daimei group.

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