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What Should We Pay Attention To When Using The Electric Forklift Battery?

- Aug 23, 2018 -

With the increasing demand for electric forklifts, electric pallet transfer vehicles, as the right-hand side of the transfer handling profession, play different important roles in different occupations, not only bring more economic benefits, but also expand the electric forklifts profession troop! So, what should we pay attention to when using the battery of the electric forklift? Let me tell you:

1. The battery will have a hydrogen attack, which may cause explosion, so it cannot smoke near the battery or carry the equipment of simple ignition. The battery should insist on excellent ventilation when it is stored or charged.

2. The battery liquid contains corrosive liquid, which may cause severe burns. Therefore, the battery liquid should be kept away from the skin and eyes.

3. Wear rubber gloves to prevent electric shock when checking or maintaining the battery fork truck.

4. The battery may be connected to the local must be kept clean. If have dust, sundry should use wet cloth to undertake cleaning clean, otherwise very simple leakage of electricity.

5. When cleaning the battery, use a cloth with some water to wipe it.

6. Do not connect the anode and cathode of the battery with tools.

7. The temperature of the time electrolyte charged by the electric forklift should not exceed 50 degrees to prevent the overflow of the electrolyte.

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